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The Aransa Group has a thoroughly qualified multi-disciplinary team that covers the entire real-estate process, from the moment the plot of land is acquired until the property is sold:
An experienced team of lawyers, urban planners and land scouts provide information on each urban development area, taking into consideration the local applicable law, its value, viability and future development possibilities.
An extensive team of architects, engineers, project managers and other technicians value the technical and market characteristics required for each project.
The Aransa Group has its own construction company and therefore is aware of the cost of materials and labour first hand, and knows how to execute any type of project with maximum efficiency regarding their cost and deadlines.
Comprised of engineers and economists, this department analyzes the viability of projects and prepares the necessary management reports required for decision making and carrying out the final design of operations.
By means of comprehensive market studies performed several times per year, our marketing department analyzes the market´s behaviour on a daily basis while taking into account the demands characteristics and the supplys development in the different market segments.
The Aransa Group has established its own sales network in several regions of the Spanish and international territory. This provides us with extensive and first hand information on the price and marketing possibilities regarding any real-estate asset.